Silurian Timechart

This period is composed of a number of series and stages, some of which derive their names from this part of the world. It lasted from 444 to 419 million years ago.

The Silurian Period

This relatively short period extended over just 25 million years.  It is divided into four series/epochs which are further subdivided into various stages/ages.  Across much of Britain, rocks of the Pridoli epoch – the youngest of the Silurian rocks – are considered to belong to the ‘Old Red Sandstone’, which is otherwise entirely Devonian in age.

  • Pridoli Epoch (423Ma – 419Ma)
    • not currently subdivided
  • Ludlow Epoch (427Ma – 423Ma)
    • Ludfordian stage
    • Gorstian stage
  • Wenlock Epoch (433Ma – 427Ma)
    • Homerian stage
    • Sheinwoodian stage
  • Llandovery Epoch (444Ma – 433Ma)
    • Telychian stage
    • Aeronian stage
    • Rhuddanian stage

Ma = million years (ago)