Vision and objectives

Fforest Fawr UNESCO Global Geopark: a new vision, set of objectives and desired outcomes.


By 2020, Fforest Fawr Geopark will be recognised as a world class Geopark which is using its designation to generate social, environmental and economic benefits.  Working with and for its local communities, it will achieve this by focusing on the geological, cultural and biological heritage and by involving a wide range of agencies, businesses and visitors.


Through efficient and effective partnership working with a wide range of local and regional stakeholders and through full engagement with the European & Global Geoparks Networks, Fforest Fawr Geopark will:

  • Drive landscape-scale conservation of geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural heritage.
  • Enthuse local communities and their businesses to work together sustainably and feel pride in the Geopark.
  • Promote sustainable economic development, especially sustainable tourism.
  • Develop high quality information and interpretation that supports an enjoyable visitor experience and connects people to the Geopark.
  • Act as a focus for environmental/earth sciences research.
  • Undertake high quality environmental education for all ages.
  • Seek to include all sectors of society in developing its work.
  • Use its heritage to encourage visitors, businesses and communities to address climate change.
  • Monitor impacts of the Geopark in order to inform future actions


  • The geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural heritage of Fforest Fawr is conserved and enhanced for future generations.
  • Local communities and businesses value and are proud of being in the Geopark.
  • Local communities and businesses thrive and prosper in the long term.
  • Visitors have high quality memorable experiences and feel connected to the Geopark.
  • Fforest Fawr is recognized for its contribution to our environmental /earth sciences and climate change knowledge.
  • The geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural heritage of Fforest Fawr is understood and valued by all sectors of society.
  • The Geopark enthuses visitors, businesses and communities to address climate change issues.


adopted June 2012