The Sleeping Warriors of Craig y Ddinas

A tale is told of a Welshman in London who was persuaded by a wise man to lead him to the place from whence had come his hazel walking stick. They returned to Wales and, on finding the spot, they were able to lift a broad stone slab under which was an entrance to a great cavern.

The wise man advised him not to touch a bell which hung in the passage.  On reaching the depths of the cave, the two travellers found an army of thousands of warriors sleeping yet prepared for battle with armour, shields and swords.  One amongst them was singled out by his battle-axe and crown of gold. In the midst of this circle of sleeping warriors were two great heaps of gold and silver.  The wise man told the Welshman that he could take as much as he could carry but that he must take care to avoid touching the bell as the warriors would wake.

Leaving the cave with his arms full of treasure, the Welshman knocked against the bell, waking one of the warriors who asked ‘Is it day?’  The Welshman replied ‘No, sleep on.’ just as he had been advised to do by the wise man.  The warrior fell back to his slumber and the travellers left.

The wise man advised that he could go back for more but must be especially careful not to wake the host.  These were Arthur and his warriors readied for the day when the Black Eagle and the Golden Eagle are at war.  They would then awaken and destroy the enemies of the Cymyry and re-take the island of Britain, re-establishing their king and government at Caerleon.

Now the Welshman did go back for more treasure and once again, when loaded with gold, accidentally knocked the bell.  This time though, upon being questioned he forgot to give the answer which he had done previously whereupon he was beaten mercilessly by some of the warriors, deprived of his treasure and thrown out, barely able to walk.  He never did find the entrance to that cavern again.